Saturday, June 14, 2014

Tasty Treat, Fun to Eat

If you are a local, and one hot, humid day this summer you get too uncomfy, 
and too sweaty, and a little whiny, 
drive straight to the nearest Pelican's Snoballs. 
Do not pass GO; do not get distracted by some ol' soft-serve shop; 
do not, under any circumstances, settle for a so-so Slurpee. 

Order an icy-smooth snow cone, perhaps Strawberry-Lemonade, 
or Luscious Plum, 
or Georgia Peach.
And if you're feeling a bit barmy, go out on a limb and order Dill Pickle. 
You can thank me later for the best advice you've been given 
since Pinterest taught you forty-'leven uses for an empty toilet paper roll. 

And, as if the incredible flavor isn't enough, 
you get the bonus of a chartreuse tongue for the evening! 

Also, if your kid is lucky, the evening will include a great photo-bomb opportunity.

So go make some sultry summer memories!


  1. I cannot believe I've missed these last three blog posts! Where have I been? And to think I've missed knowing about all the fun you've been having. Wish I could have been there shopping my heart out at the thrift store, going to the circus, and taste-testing a dill pickle snow cone. I'll be more diligent about checking you out--promise! Love ya!

    1. Snuck 'em under the radar, didn't I! Love you, too :)

  2. NetworkedBlogs doesn't seem to be notifying me on Facebook anymore when you post a new blog. At least I saw this news when your dd posted and tagged you. But I didn't know you had BLOGGED. Must fix this! But I think I'll pass on the dill pickle sno cone ...